It was totally unexpected.

What I mean is that I did not expect to love myself bald. I did not expect to be bald at the age of 35 years either, but here we are. I chose to embrace the status. I chose to raise awareness and now I choose to help others through the trauma of losing their hair through alopecia and other autoimmune conditions.

Throughout my journey to Loving Alopecia I had been riddled with fear, insecurities, poor self-esteem and confidence. All of these elements are required to be a whole person right?! Alopecia came as a big blow and my first response was to ‘cover up’ and ‘hide’. I did this for 8 years. Eight years of struggle, awkwardness and not really understanding what was going on!

Presenting myself to make it easy on all those around me to accept, like wearing wigs that didn’t suit me and presenting the alopecia did not exist and not being able to talk and be open about the shame that I felt.

Alopecia has bought out the person I should have been. The person that was inside me for decades, screaming to get out, fighting to be free and loving herself unconditionally. Alopecia became my super power for real.

This blog aims to help you discuss, share, inform, inspire, motivate and be at peace with your alopecia status. Let’s enjoy the journey to Loving Alopecia

Peace & Unity
AprilDawn xx

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